Time to Escape: To the Bathroom

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Time to Escape

Last night I was standing in my laundry room surrounded by what seemed, at least at for the moment, to be a giant mountain of laundry. I was trying to find an empty laundry basket so I could take the clean clothes out of the dryer to start another load.

The dog was barking. He wanted to come in from outside, but was covered in mud. I was not about to let him in the house until I had time to give him a bath.

My oldest was finishing up the last of his homework for the school year, and he was frantic because a website he was suppose to use lost its connection to the server.

My five year old was crying because he hurt his ankle. I think his shoes being on the wrong feet had something to do with his ouchy.  Honestly, I couldn’t understand a word he was saying with that whiny voice.

My youngest was pulling the clean clothes out of the dryer and onto the dirty floor. He was making room so he could climb inside the dryer. It’s his latest trick. He finds his way there anytime our heads are turned for more than 7 seconds. Seriously, I have nightmares about him being trapped in the dryer!

babyindryerOh by the way, yesterday was my birthday.

Feeling overwhelmed, I yelled, “Where is your dad?”

“He’s on the phone.”

Great, work again.

So, do you know what I did? I bailed. Yep, I escaped.

I grabbed the baby -one leg was already in the dryer- plopped him down on the couch and announced, “Entertain your brother. I have to go potty.”

When we were little girls, my younger sister would hide in the closet to cry. She escaped for a moment and would come out a new person. Sometimes we still tease her about coming out of the closet. We were too naive to get the joke then.

Anyways, today I understand. Every once in a while I need to escape, too. Only I don’t usually cry. I breath a sigh of relief or blow my nose. Either way, I usually feel better afterwards.

Time to Refresh My Mind & Body

The bathroom is the only room in the house where I can shut the door and lock it. It is a great excuse to escape from the chaos. Plus, it can be used almost any moment. Nobody argues when I say, “I got to go.”


I try to drag out every possible moment while I’m in there. I brush my hair and pull it back up again. I wash my face or powder my nose. Sometimes I brush my teeth or clip my nails.

On my last shopping trip to CVS, I discovered Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths, and instantly fell in love.

Couple these with Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper for a truly refreshingly clean bum.

Here’s the coupon I used:

Beware: Once you try the wet + dry combination, there is no turning back!

I’ve also found other convenient uses for these wipes too. I have used them to clean up little boy misses. They have cleaned up makeup spills. We now use them to wipe my son’s bottom. They have even been used them to wipe down the door knobs and scrub boogers off the walls. I do live in a house full of boys!

When I leave the bathroom I want to make sure I am in the right frame of mind to tackle the rest of my day.  (I also like to feel confident that  I am as clean as I can be, too.)

So, my advice is don’t be afraid to take those extra couple of moments in the bathroom. I know, at least for me, it may be the only time in the day for me to refresh both my mind and my body.

Besides, those kids can live without mom for a few more seconds longer, can’t they?
BathroomhandsWhere do you go to temporarily escape the chaos?


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      I don’t get the chance, at least right now, to get to a gym, but I agree. Nothing feels better than a good hard workout. I like to go for a jog or do Turbo Fire. Exercising is a great way to clear my mind.

  1. 11

    lisa jones says

    YUP That’s My Husband HE LIVES IN THERE LOL! But Yes I Do Try To Escape Myself In The Bathroom BUT THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO FOLLOW!! LOVE Cottonelle Won’t Use Anything Else!1

  2. 13


    I totally get the need to escape for a few minutes. The bathroom isn’t a safe zone at my house since we only have one bathroom and one of the kids is working on potty training, so I opt for the basement laundry area. If any kid wanders down there, it’s because they actually want to help.
    Anna recently posted…Saving Money vs. Spending TimeMy Profile

  3. 17

    Jeanette Mays says

    This is completely understandable. I sometimes head to the bathroom just to get away for a moment as well.

  4. 34


    Privacy goes out the window soon as we become moms (even my fur kids follow me to the toilet). I lived in a house full of boys until a month ago when I gave birth to my daughter. We only have one bathroom, so I don’t plan on getting any privacy any time soon…especially after my daughter gets older.
    Amanda (Moming About) recently posted…Pinterest Marketing Strategy ResourcesMy Profile

  5. 48

    Rebecca Swenor says

    I think the bathroom is the best place to escape. In fact I do most of my thinking in there. Sometimes you just have to escape. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 53


    I have been in your place, oh I’ve been there before! I just sent my Hubby a text last night saying, “PLEASE COME HOME NOW!!!” I don’t think I need to explain. I do think a little freshen up makes a big difference in your frame of mind. Besides if Momma’s happy (and calm) then everyone is happy. :)
    Embrace @ Embracing The Good Life recently posted…Heroes of The City ReviewMy Profile

  7. 55

    Deb E says

    The bathroom is a good one. Medium sized walk in closets work too. Sometimes I just close my eyes standing up, lol, but not while walking.

  8. 57

    marnie ward says

    I really liked the article Time to Escape. I don’t think that we all realize that we need to just “escape” for a moment sometimes to find our peace. Things can get so crazy and the noise level seems overwhelming, but when you escape for a little while you can gain you sanity and the good nature it takes to be a good parent.

  9. 59

    Paula Weintraut says

    Thank you for the wonderful Blogs and giveaways you do a wonderful Job and hope that you are well rewarded

  10. 62

    Nena Sinclair says

    I often used the bathroom as an escape, too, when my kids were little! You do what you’ve gotta do! Happy Belated Birthday!

  11. 63

    Catherine Shaw says

    Happily, I’m living chaos-free these days. Still, when I need to chill out and recharge, I go out and take a long walk.

  12. 64

    Ari T. says

    I need regular quiet time to recharge in a quiet place. I think it’s essential for me to get because I’m able to handle things better if I don’t get it. I haven’t heard of the Cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths! They seem like an easy way to get a cooling refreshed feeling and quickly perk you up.

  13. 67

    Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I used to escape to the bathroom too. As you said it was the door that had a lock. Sometimes I use the wet, then dry combination, but not always. Cottonelle is a great product

  14. 70


    I could so relate to this post! As a mom who raised 5 kids and considered it a mini vacation to get even a shower I totally get it. Now that the kids are 19-27 and on their own I do have a lot of luxurious me time now, however I still have a cat and cockatiel who are beyond loved and beyond spoiled and they both follow me anywhere I go and that includes to the bathroom or else the bird squacks loudly to let me know he wants me and the cat will cry and wail at the door and reach under the crack for my feet, so I try to remember to just let them both come in with me hahaha.

    I am ALL about combining wet wipes in the bathroom with toilet paper.. I even carry some wet wipes in my purse with me because I can’t stand using the bathroom without having wet wipes too, you just can’t get quite as clean without them and plus it’s so cleansing and refreshing it’s almost like getting a mini sponge bath every time you so much as go pee. lol LOVE that!

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