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Montana Owl This week’s themes for Currently are: hearing, hinting, hunting, hankering, & hoping.

Currently, our family spent last Saturday in Crystal Park, Montana. We spent the day hearing the sounds of all the animals around us. While we there I heard a Great Gray Owl fly over my head into the nearby trees. Isn’t he beautiful?

I was amazed at just how large he was. I have a medium sized Cockapoo dog and I think that owl must have been as big as he is! Unfortunately he flew high up into the trees so I was not able to get too close. Fortunately, he stuck around for quite awhile so I could take a few pictures.

He seemed nervous as I walked toward him, but was not scared enough to leave. As soon as we walked away he swooped down and picked up some small animal. He was just waiting for us to leave so he could capture his dinner. It was definitely the highlight of an already great day.

Currently, I have been hinting to my husband to take me out on a date. We haven’t been out alone together for quite some time. It’s been even longer since we have been out on a real  date. Unfortunately, he has not noticed my not-so-subtle hints. (He never does.) If this girl wants to go out, I guess I’ll have to make the arrangements myself.

Currently, while at Crystal Park, the family went hunting for crystals. My husband and boys love rock hounding, and there is no easier place to find crystals, smoky quartz, and amethyst than at Crystal Park. Just look at what we were able to find on this last trip!

Smoky quartz, amethyst, and crystals

Despite the fact that I spent the afternoon sitting on a mound of dirt digging in the ground, I had an excellent time. The baby was a little too little for the trip so we couldn’t stay more than 2 hours, but I was amazed at how many treasures we were able to find.

Check out this view from our digging area.

Crystal Park Landscape

Crystal Park, MT

Currently, I am hankering for a big bowl of cereal. I don’t even care which kind, maybe some Frosted Flakes, or Life, or Frosted Shredded Wheats, or Cheerios, or  . . . Well, you get the idea. I want some cereal.

It’s a weird thing to crave, I know. I’m on a low carb diet so I can’t have my cereal. Oh well, I think I’ll survive without it. Besides, I had jalapeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, and I’m still losing weight, so why complain?

Currently, I am hoping for more fun summer experiences with my kiddos. There is always so much to explore here in Montana. Plus, I’m looking forward to the Montana Folk Festival & the Fourth of July parade & fireworks.

And, I can’t wait to go on our trip to Yellowstone National Park this year. We used to live an hour and a half away from the park and would often go on daytrips. Oh, how I miss Yellowstone!

So, I am really hoping everyone stays healthy this summer. It seems like, for the last few months, everyone is taking turns at being sick. It’s getting really old!

I had to take the little one, Caleb, to the walk-in clinic this week for an earache, and Nathan had an allergic reaction to his sunscreen. Thank God for Alavert or he would have ended up at the doctor’s too.

All in all, I can’t complain. It’s been a crazy busy week but a fun one.


I want to give a big shout out to the ladies from Harvesting Kale and OT & ET for the blogging inspiration and hosting this blog linky. Be sure to visit them to join the Currently.  If you would like to join us, next week’s themes are: watching, wearing, wanting, waiting, & winning.

What have you been currently up to?


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    Paula Parker says

    Sounds like a fun week. Those crystals look amazing. I want some cereal too! Keep on having all your fun adventures and posting them!

    • 10


      Yeah. It is a state park, so there is a $5 access fee. There is a limit, like 25 pounds and less than 30 trips, but I don’t think we’ll ever happy to worry about going over our limit. :). It is a

    • 28


      I’d love to get up to Glacier. The only problem is Montana is such a huge state. Crystal park is 1 1/2 hours south of us, and Glacier is 2 1/2 – 3 hours north of us depending on which part of the park we get to.

  2. 29

    Rebecca Swenor says

    I so want to go to Montana to visit one day. The past 10 years I have wanted to now. I would love to go hunting for crystals. Thanks for sharing.

    • 36


      We are lucky. Love living in Montana. The owl did frighten me a little when I got closer. He was really watching my every move.
      A fear of birds? I’ve never heard of that, but I guess it makes sense. Most people fear rodents and that’s pretty irrational too if you ask me.

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