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Currently in our house . . . 

last month at Lost Creek Falls

last month at Lost Creek Falls

This week’s themes for Currently are: snapping, checking, learning, dropping, saving.

Currently, Matthew & Nathan are SNAPPING at each other. It seems like they cannot go 30 minutes without fighting. The worst part: they have all summer to “enjoy each other’s company” now that school is out. I would have thought that the 7 year difference between the boys would help to prevent the sibling arguments, but I was way off on this one. 

Nathan is the instigator. He is always in Matthew’s space. Unfortunately, Matthew’s reactions to his brother are quite amusing. (At least, Nathan thinks so.) Philip says Matthew is Nathan’s squeak toy. Unfortunately, Matthew never gives us the opportunity to discipline Nathan. He just loses his cool way too quickly, and before we know it, WWIII has begun. I guess I should enjoy the few days I might have left before Caleb starts joining in.

Currently, Matthew is CHECKING out of elementary school and into middle school. His elementary days are over. Today is his last day of 6th grade. We celebrated his 6th grade graduation on Monday, so according to his principal, he is now officially a middle schooler. 


Currently, with all the changes in our household, I am LEARNING to accept the fact that my kids are growing up. Everything is going by much faster than I’ve ever imagined. There are a lot of changes going on in our household. 

I already mentioned Matthew will be going to middle school next year and will officially be a teenager shortly after the new school year begins. Nathan just graduated from preschool and will be starting kindergarten. Yikes! And little Caleb, I must admit, is no longer a baby. He is definitely a toddler, now. In fact, I recently posted about him getting older. It seems like each kiddo is going through a big milestone change right now.

Currently, I feel like I have been DROPPING the ball around the house. We all have been taking turns getting sick, for what seems like, forever now. In fact, this last Saturday I went to the walk-in and discovered I had strep throat, on top of a sinus infection. Matthew also had a terrible earache that sent him to the emergency room that same night. Nathan has had a cough/cold/fever thing off and on for weeks now. The doctors tell me it’s just a viral infection and we have to wait it out. Luckily the baby is not sick, but he is still miserable cutting a couple new teeth.

Anyhow, with everyone not feeling well, it looks as if a bomb has went off in our house. I’m way behind on the laundry. There are unsorted papers and toys everywhere. The floors need a good mopping. Well, you get the point. So, this week is catch-up week. I feel like the house needs a good spring cleaning all over again. Yay me!

Currently, I have been SAVING all my receipts and even the UPC codes for everything I have been buying. I signed up to participate on the National Consumer Panel. They sent me this scanner to record all my purchases, and in return, I earn points towards some great prizes.

Sounds easy, right? Well, actually it is. The problem is that I lost the pamphlet that I need to scan items like gas, produce, and purchases without a UPC code. (I told you I have papers everywhere.) I can’t just scan in the items that do have a code because I need to submit all items on one receipt at the same time. So, I have been piling up my receipts so that I can submit them whenever I find that stupid paper.

I bet I could just go their website and find one to print, but I have been lazy. I should go do that now. Those receipts are driving me crazy.

A want to give a big shout out to the ladies from Harvesting Kale and OT & ET for the blogging inspiration. Be sure to visit them to join the Currently linky.  Next week’s themes are: hearing, hinting, hunting, hankering, hoping.


What are you currently up to?



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    Very cool that you got chosen to participate in the National Consumer Panel…I’ve always wanted to do something like that – I’ve done the television one, and that was fun. OMGoodness…sinus infections and allergies are the worst. I’ve been battling that for weeks now. There is a 6 year difference between my brother and I, and we were at odds all of the time. It wasn’t until I graduated from college that we really started getting along. Now, we are really really close. It probably took us that long because of the male-female clash + age difference.
    Yona Williams recently posted…10 Quirky Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know ExistedMy Profile

  2. 10


    I think we all have weeks like that. We are almost out of school and I feel like I can’t catch up. 3 parties this weekend to plan, so tomorrow I will be in major cleaning mode! Have a great summer!
    mary ann recently posted…The Power of DadMy Profile

  3. 17

    R U S S says

    I like how you injected humor in this post. I hope your kids help you with the chores and I hope you get some good pampering afterwards.

  4. 18

    Rebecca Swenor says

    Wow full plate. Talk about kids growing up fast mine is moving this weekend to MN from MI. He is 23 but still my baby. I know I will cry when we have to leave him there. Thanks for sharing and treasure every moment while they are still young.

  5. 20

    Sarah Elyce says

    You can’t tell by the picture that they aren’t getting along. ;-) I grew up with 3 brothers and they were always snapping at each other, I was the peacekeeper. Very neat that you are doing the Nielson program. I hope you get caught up soon, anything that requires receipts and UPCS, I tend to not do them if I don’t do them fairly immediately, then get mad at myself when I miss the rebate. Good luck with it!

  6. 21


    The transition to middle school was always big here. With three of my four kids who did it already, it was their biggest change (bigger even than when they got to high school). :)
    Rosey recently posted…Winner AnnouncementMy Profile

  7. 23

    Lisa Kerr says

    I grew up in a house with two older sisters who could not stand their younger sister, I can only say it gets easier as they get older, even though im in my forties and I still fight with my older sisters!

  8. 25


    I tried the National Consumer Panel, and felt like it was more work than it was worth. Have they made it better since three years ago?

    I totally can relate to how the house falls a part when you’re down. I hope that your family helps you get things back in order.
    Crystal Green recently posted…My Top 10 Summer Show Line UpMy Profile

  9. 31

    Ari T. says

    Wow, so many milestones! Kids do grow up fast! The sibling fights between Matthew and Nathan remind me of me and my sister (we also are 7 years apart)! We did eventually outgrow fighting and are much, much closer (and pleasant) to each other, so brighter days are ahead for you! I hope the National Consumer Panel turns out well for you! I tried it a while ago, but couldn’t keep up with it,…but I do know they are patient with first-time users.

  10. 32

    Shannon says

    What cutie pies! I know when my brother and I were little we were always mean to each other!

  11. 34

    angela smith says

    wow you have alot going on.good luck with your receipts and catching up laundry and spring cleaning.i hope all of you are feeling better

  12. 35

    Deb E says

    I can relate to the Snapping comment and really try to focus on the positive. It’s hard for the kid’s to learn and I try my hardest not to launch into “when I was a kid” speech! I say a prayer for strength too, lol

  13. 36

    Sarah L says

    I’d start with the pamphlet so you can get started on at least some of those papers. Chances are you will keep buying stuff and getting further behind if you don’t

  14. 37


    Oh my goodness you’ve got your hands full! Middle school – yipes! Otto is starting kindergarten in Fall and it’s like, “whoa? where’d my baby go?” And Etta starts preschool. You’re right, it goes so so fast. Eep.

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